Snapchat for Windows

Snapchat for Windows is free to download and install! First you have to download a free application called Allmyapps or you can use the BlueStacks App Player. These are free application that will make it possible to download Snapchat for Windows on your computer. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Allmyapps or BlueStacks, you can use the application to search and install Snapchat for Windows.

Download Allmyapps and Snapchat


Download BlueStacks App Player and Snapchat

If you want Snapchat for windows on your Windows Phone (instead of your windows PC) you should have a look HERE.

Snapchat for Windows with Allmyapps

Allmyapps is a Windows application for your PC that will make it possible to run smartphone apps like Snapchat on your Windows computer. Allmyapps supports the Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. Besides Snapchat for Windows, Allmyapps offers many other apps you can download and run on your PC. You can download allmyapps at
There is also an Allmyapps community with a forum where lots of frequently asked questions are answered. There is also explained how to download Snapchat for Windows or other apps and run them on your PC.

Snapchat for Windows with BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a free app player that will make it possible to run all Android smartphone apps like Snapchat on your Windows PC or Mac. Over 12 million people around the world use BlueStacks to run Snapchat for Windows on their PC or play other popular app games like Candy Crush Sega or Temple Run. You can download BlueStacks at
If you need more help, you can visit the BlueStacks help forum by clicking HERE.

 Snapchat for Windows

Snapchat for Windows is a messaging application to send messages, photos or videos known as ‘Snaps’ to your friends. The thing that makes the app so popular is the fact that all the content you send is only visible to the receiver for a limited time. You can set a time limit in a range from 1 to 10 seconds. When the recipient opens your snap, it will only be visible for the timeframe you have set. After that the snap will disappear for the recipient and deleted from the Snapchat servers. When you chat with friends by sending them a photo, the photo is instantly deleted seconds after it’s been opened by the recipient. Snapchat for Windows appears to be very popular among teenagers and is still growing in popularity.

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