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Download Snapchat for your smartphone, PC or tablet! Free Snapchat download for Windows Phone, Android phones and tablets, iPhone or iPad. Run the app full screen on your PC. Get the Snapchat download for your device here! Snapchat is easy and fun to use. You can get the popular social app for almost any device. Take funny photos or short videos and send them to your friends. The photo will self-destruct in a few seconds after it has been viewed!

Snapchat download for your device

Wonder if the app is available for your device? Well have a look at the links below:

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Snapchat download

Snapchat is a messaging application to send messages, photos and videos known as ‘Snaps’. The thing that makes the app so popular is the fact that all the content you send is only visible to the receiver for a limited time. You can set a time limit in a range from 1 to 10 seconds. When the recipient opens your snap, it will only be visible for the timeframe you have set. After that the snap will disappear for the recipient and deleted from the Snapchat servers. When you chat with a friend by sending them a photo, the photo is instantly deleted seconds after it’s been opened by the recipient. The app appears to be very popular among teenagers and is still growing in popularity.

Snapchat App  Snapchat has still a lot of growth potential. Help Snapchat become more popular and share this with your friends!

Snapchat photos and videos

Another great thing about the app is the build-in image editor. The app has a large circular camera button. Once a picture is taken, you can apply text or ink drawings onto your picture and make it a custom image for your friends with funny tags or drawings. By holding de camera button for a few seconds you can also record a short video with a maximum of 10 seconds. Just like the image, you can also add text and ink drawings to you video. Once done with editing, you can save your picture or video and send it at a later moment to one of your friends.

Snapchat download

The app is made for smartphones and some tablets. There are two versions made for different operating systems. The Android version can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for free. iPhone or iPad users can download the free app in the Apple App Store store. Many people wonder if a Snapchat download is available for Blackberry, Windows Phone or other devices and operating systems. Well unfortunately not, but there are some unofficial apps for windows phone or Windows 8 tablets. Besides that, there are some possibilities to run the app on your desktop computer or Blackberry device. For more information have a look at Snapchat for PC or Blackberry. At the moment the official Snapchat app is only available for Android and iOS.

Screenshots and safety

Although all the Snapchat content is deleted after a few seconds, remember that users can still take a screenshot of the snap you’ve send them. Nowadays people worry about photos and videos they share on social media, because it will last on the internet forever. Snapchat tries to offer a solution for this, but be aware that nobody nor Snapchat can guarantee what receivers do with the content you send them. If you want to know more about privacy, what happens with unopened snaps and other things that might concern you, we recommend to read the following post on the official Blog page. For all other questions have look at the offical Snapchat website.

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